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Corporate Cattle Drive

Imagine you and your team on horseback working with professional wranglers to drive a herd of cattle across the rugged foothills of Alberta. This team building activity will require your team to work together as you learn how to ride your horses and maneuver the Alberta landscape to herd your cattle from one place to another. This one or two day Corporate Cattle Drive program is open to select small groups who want to experience how life was once lived in the Old West.

Logistics – Corporate Cattle Drive

The team is introduced to the practical application of teamwork through the participation in all areas of a corporate cattle drive including basic horsemanship skills and horse care, coordination in moving a herd of cattle from one point to another, navigating streams, rivers, and bush trails in order to keep the herd together. As this is a two-day program teams must also coordinate the setting up of camp, corralling, feeding and watering their horses and ensuring the fire does not go out during the night.

Basic outdoor clothing and reasonable physical conditioning is all that is required. Individuals work under the direct supervision of trained wranglers.

Agenda – Corporate Cattle Drive

Day #1

Arrival and Introduction: (30 minutes) Zest Facilitators and cattle ranch wranglers will introduce themselves and go over the safety briefing and protocols. Participants will then be issued their tack and assigned their horses according to their riding experience.

Know your Partner Workshop: (2 hours) The group will be assigned their horse and instruction will commence on how to:

  • Approach and develop rapport with their horses,
  • Saddle and unsaddle their horses,
  • Care for and store their tack.

Time is given for practice and familiarization at the corral as participants get used to their horses.


Test Cattle Drive: (1 hour) The group will be given an opportunity to ride out along old trails with their wranglers in order to further familiarize themselves with their horses.

Gear Up: (1hour) The group will be issued the remainder of their riding tack and will pack for their trip to the overnight camp.

Departure: The group now departs the main ranch for a 3 hour ride to their overnight camp near the cattle.

Arrival and Set Up: As the group arrives they are assigned various camp duties (coral building, campfire set up, gathering firewood, getting water and, of course, latrine digging.

After Dinner Briefing: The team will receive a formal briefing for the next morning as to their specific responsibilities during the cattle drive. The team must also keep the fire burning throughout the evening in order to have a good cooking fire for breakfast and must decide how best to accomplish this challenge.

Day #2

Next Morning: The group breaks camp and sets off to round up and then drive the cattle to their planned destination at the end of the day.

During the Cattle Drive: Team mates must work very closely with each other and communicate in a very efficient manner in order to keep the cattle together as they cross various forms of terrain and obstacles such as rivers, hills, narrow trails, gates and the occasional road. Communication, trust and effective execution are the keys to success and will contribute to a successful outcome for all.

Conclusion: After getting the herd of cattle to where they need to be the participants and wranglers arrive back at the ranch, check-in their horses and tack, and then head to the mess hall for a well deserved meal and debrief.

Make your next team building experience an exciting corporate cattle drive in beautiful Alberta! Contact one of our Team Building Experts today!

Corporate Cattle Drive

Corporate Cattle Drive

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