A Fun Trivia Team Building Game
What happens when you bring 50 – 60 co-workers together to participate in a game? I’m not thinking of a game like football where athleticism gives you and edge but a game where everyone is on an even playing field. A team building game that encourages everyone to participate and use the knowledge that they have gained over the years would be fun; whether that knowledge is useful or not, remains to be seen. Not only would the players have fun, each and every participant would walk away from the game having learned something; again whether or not the new knowledge is useful remains to be seen.

Take a game like Zest Corporate Adventures Human Trivia Challenge. Each and every participant would have some knowledge in one or more of the categories. Sure there will be the trivia buffs who over the years have managed to amass a great deal of ‘useful’ information and there will be those who might not know how many dimples there are on a golf ball but they do know the conversion for Fahrenheit to Celsius. This is where Zest Corporate adventures likes to throw the curve ball. Let’s level out the playing field even more; take away a couple of the categories that are too accommodating for some of the participants and add categories that everyone can relate to. Questions within those categories might be: What are the office hours? Who’s head of payroll? The company has branches in how many cities? You get it, general information that all participants should know. Too easy you say? You might be surprised at how many people are stumped on the question relating to office hours.

Zest Corporate Adventures will work with you to design a Human Trivia Challenge program that brings all participants together in a fun and engaging way. Throughout the program participants will be quizzed on general trivia, workplace trivia and even colleague trivia. At the end of the program all participants will walk away having had loads of fun, they will have learned something about their colleagues and they will have learned more about the workplace. Participants will be able to excel as individuals and as members of a team. Let’s face it, “learning through play” promotes the concepts of collaboration and problem solving, it’s fun and more importantly encourages equal participation across the field.

Just a hint: I’d find out the office hours sooner that later – it falls under the useful information category.