Survivors Ready?

Team Building - Geo Trexx

Based on the ever popular and long-running reality adventure series where several Tribes (teams) compete to Outlast, Outwit and          Outplay each other for the coveted title of Survivor Champion and all the associated glory. So, come up with a good tribal name and produce your own tribe’s logo on your banner and let the games begin!

The setup and activities can be similar to the history-making reality show or they may take on a flavor of the local setting or venue although each event always includes, Reward, Immunity and of course Exile Island. This event is suitable for groups of 12 – 250 and can last from one to three hours. The survivor can be delivered indoors or out and can be easily changed to accommodate the season and weather. Challenges and activities are also designed for the tastes and preferences for each client and can range from a mildly challenging experience to one which will require both physical and problem – solving skills.

Build a tent blindfolded, then make a fire without matches. Your team may also need to build a raft and sail to the next “tree mail” location. Multiple challenge stages allow everyone to participate. There is even a western version complete with steer head roping and a blindfold horseshoe toss or maybe relive an original Scottish Highland Games version featuring the caber toss!

“We had arranged for our Survivor event to be outside and then the weather turned bad. The Zest team quickly adjusted the activities and brought the whole event indoors without missing a beat. We had a ton of fun!”   Michelle J.

Whatever the setup, be prepared to compete, have fun and celebrate with your tribe!


  • MODERATE – You will not exceed your daily step count  but need to give Medium effort