What could be better than having fun, working as a team and learning a new skill? Geotrexx is an entertaining and interactive team event whereas teams are formed and undergo a quick warm-up activity, team leaders undergo a crash course in the use of a hand-held GPS navigation device. After the warm-up and orientation is complete, teams set off using GPS, in search of their first waypoint.

Teams may have different travel options incorporated into the event (foot, bike, snowshoe, canoe etc.) depending on event location and duration. Often teams will have their own separate routings from waypoint to waypoint.

As teams arrive at specific waypoints, they are met by one of Zest’s facilitators who introduces the team to their challenge. The degree of success, along with the level of teamwork, will allow the facilitator to determine how many performance credits the team receives.

Competition to Collaboration: Phase 2 commences after a break or lunch and involves a redistribution of personnel and resources in order to successfully complete the objective. This is a great illustration of how individual teams combine to create an organization’s success.

New teams are given the task of building one segment of a large bridge. Teams must use their performance credits to by materials suitable for building the bridge according to the design and from the inventory of resources.

At some point the new teams come to the realization they must begin to work together, sharing ideas and resources in order to complete the task. Changing objectives, shifting personnel and reduced timelines combine to create a real-world feel in this exercise.

Geotrexx team building activity can range in duration from 4 hours to a full day depending on location and budget. This team building event is ideal for group sizes from 8 people up to larger conference groups of over 100. It can be delivered within a resort setting or spanning the boundaries of a community or city. There are many opportunities to incorporate many different local team building activities and features into the event as well as corporate themes and content.


  • EFFORT – You’re not running a marathon but you will need to hustle at times