Shark Den

Ever considered being a guest on “Dragon’s Den” or Shark Tank”? Well here’s your chance! This fun and interactive team building event recreates the same energy and entertainment of today’s popular reality TV episodes.

You and your teammates are given a limited amount of “currency” with which to purchase materials for design, construction, presentation and of course, demonstration of a new invention that must stand alone and have at least one moving part, and most importantly, improve daily work life.

A limited amount of time means you must quickly get organized. A design/build team must come up with the concept. The procurement specialists must barter strategically to acquire materials and not run out of “currency”. Finally, the marketing team must come up with the perfect “pitch” to impress the Sharks and receive the highest bid.

But hold on! A good sales pitch is only half the battle. Each team must effectively demonstrate their invention to the panel of scrutinizing and sometimes unimpressed Sharks, who can add, change or withdraw their bids altogether.

Usually, Shark Den Champions are those who have invented something that is unique, useful and actually works! Not to mention they have wowed the Sharks with a dynamite presentation.

“We had so much fun in coming up with our invention, bartering for stuff and trading with other teams. It seemed everyone was busy having fun at whatever they were doing and some of the presentations were hilarious!”   Hillary A.

This event is suitable for groups of 12 to 250 and is hosted indoors or out weather permitting. Specific organizational resources, materials and messaging can be incorporated into the delivery requirements, making Shark Den not only fun and interactive but meaningful.

So enter the Shark Den only if you want your team talking about the fun they had long after the event.


  • LIGHT – Team participation, no running or jumping, unless you want extra bonus points for team spirit!