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Team Curling Challenge

The Team Curling Challenge is designed for everyone regardless of curling experience, to learn and enjoy this winter sport in an environment of fun and healthy competition. The event is lead by former World Curling Champion Ed Lukowich and is supported by his team of experienced curlers.

Participants will learn:

  • The Value of Leadership
  • How Perseverance is the key to overcoming obstacles and building momentum
  • The Significance of Diversity to a Team (Skills, Knowledge, Experience)
  • How communication and support are the essential building blocks for team success
  • The value of Recognition and Celebration in the workplace

Agenda – Team Curling Challenge:

  • Introduction to facilitators, format and expected outcomes (15 Minutes)
  • Warm Ups and Initial Community Building (15 Minutes)
  • On Ice Session #1 (45 Minutes)
  • Break (15 Minutes)
  • Mini Bonspiel (60 Minutes)
  • Debrief and Closing Keynote (30 Minutes)

Logistics- Team Curling Challenge:

Participants need to bring soft soled shoes, sweaters and light gloves.

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Team Curling Challenge

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