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Law & Disorder

Let Zest Adventures set the scene for a hilarious mock courtroom trial with all the familiar roles: a judge who drifts in and out of consciousness, a sharp witted prosecutor and a bumbling inept defense attorney. This team building activity is perfect for holiday parties, retirement parties, and other social team building events.

Picture someone from your team being called to trial to account for their ‘dastardly’ workplace deeds (perhaps a 2-hour lunch on Friday or always leaving the coffee pot empty) and the rest of your team acting as the jury. With this comical scenario and the colorful, over-the-top personalities you and your co-workers will have to adopt, you’ve got the makings of some great courtroom humor!

Logistics – Law & Disorder

This amusing team building activity is perfect for a dinner, lunch or outdoor barbeque team-building event due to its ability to include an unlimited number of participants. The event is best when held indoors.

Agenda – Law & Disorder

Introduction: (30 Minutes) The Zest facilitation team enters the scenario, in character, as the judge, the defense attorney, the prosecutor, the court stenographer and the bailiff. The ‘charges’ against the defendant will be read such as, never refilling the coffee pot.

Team Building Activity: (1 hour approx) The defense and prosecution will call their witnesses to prove their side of the case and the accused will be given the opportunity to defend himself or herself.

Wrap-up: (15 minutes) The jury will be given time to deliberate and the verdict will be read.
Contact Zest to book this engaging and fun team building exercise for your next staff social event. It is a perfect way to entertain large groups of people and have fun with your team.

Law and Disorder

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