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CSI Forensics

Now you can experience first hand the job that Hollywood made famous. First you must attend Tech School where participants receive hands on training in crime scene investigation. Then you and your unit must pit your knowledge against each other to gather and analyze evidence in order to solve a case and be declared “Best in Class!” This creative team building activity will encourage your staff to exercise flexible thinking and act strategically as a team in order to meet the challenge objectives.

Logistics – CSI Forensics

This team building event is suitable for groups that range in size from 10 to 50 + as participants learn the proper way to investigate, catalogue and draw inference from a crime scene in order to solve the mystery and claim the prize.

Agenda – CSI Forensics

Introduction: (1 hour 30 minutes) The Zest facilitators will break the group up into smaller teams who will then rotate through “crime school” in order to gain the knowledge and techniques necessary to fully investigate a crime scene.

Solving the Crime: (1 hour approx) Each team will get the same amount of time to fully investigate the crime scene itself using the techniques and specialized equipment they have been issued. Each team then must present their findings and convey their conclusions in a final analysis. During this time the team with the analysis closest to the actual crime variables will be declared the winner.

Wrap-up: (30 minutes) The group will undergo a full debrief by the facilitation team to establish the value and relevance of the teamwork to the everyday workplace.

Looking to reward your high-performing team with an innovative CSI-themed team building activity? Then contact one our Zest team building experts today!

CSI Forensics

CSI Forensics

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