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Team Conference Activities

Our corporate conference activities are designed to energize your event attendees.

Let’s start with a common conference scenario: delegates are attending a business conference in Toronto, Ontatio. The official conference program that day is scheduled for a full 8 hours. After a few hours of sessions there is a break in the formal part of the program. At that moment, your attendees of the conference are already tired and there is still more program to come! What can you do?

Zest proposes inserting a fun conference activity such as our Human Trivia Challenge team-building activity. Six teams and human game pieces! Teams roll giant dice, answer fun conference related questions, and move around the life-size board. After playing this trivia game your delegates will be energized and they can return to the formal conference program happy and ready to learn.

Zest’s Human Trivia Challenge is only one of our large selection of fun conference activities. We encourage you to read about some of our other amazing activities on our Team Building Events page.

Zest Corporate Adventures creates corporate conference activities for diverse group sizes and types. Conference team-building events are made to reinvigorate energy levels and create lasting memories for delegates. Contact our Team-Building Experts to learn more about planning unforgettable conference team building activities.