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Team Building Ideas

If you are looking for a team building idea, you are in the right place! Zest Corporate Adventures can develop fun and unique team building activities for you company or group.

When your group leader is captured, during the Pirate Ransom team building activity, your team will have to quickly solve challenges together to earn gold pieces. Once your team has collected enough treasure, you can pay the required ransom to free your leader. The main idea of this fun team building activity is to have the group focus on one goal, pay the ransom to free the leader, and build team dynamics by working together to successfully achieve this objective.

Another great Team Building Event idea is our Soapbox Grand Prix, which allows everyone’s car racing dreams to come true. Each team will have to assemble a go-kart, create a suit for your team driver, and design their team racing flag. This classic Zest team building event never fails to please groups from all backgrounds as they work together to become Grand Prix champs.

The idea of inventing the “next big thing” is always a fantasy of many. In Zest’s team building activity, The Inventors, teams will build an invention from a box of raw supplies. Teams will need to quickly plan, design, build and test their amazing inventions, similar to the real business world. Teams compete to see can best come together to create the most impressive invention that actually works! Who will be the winner chosen by the judges?

Zest Corporate Adventures has the experience, know-how, and creativity for developing the best team building ideas for your next group event.

Contact one of our team building experts today to develop a memorable team building idea for your next event.