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Outdoor Team Building Activities

Is your team at work uptight and stressed out? Is good communication among your team members something you can only dream about? Do your team members lack motivation?

A fun outdoor team building activity gets your team away from the office stress and will help kick-start the rejuvenation process for your team.

With 20 years of experience in the team building business, Zest has the knowledge and experience to help run successful, fun outdoor team building events and to help your team get the most out of it.

Outdoor Team Building Events

Zest Corporate Adventures has a variety of fun outdoor team building events and activities to choose from and will vary, depending on your group size and interests.

These outdoor team building events range from a few hours to a few days and include exciting events like The City Hunt, Geo Trex and Survivor – The Tropics. They are designed to be great learning experiences, interesting and keep your team engaged the whole time. And the best part? The events are fun!

Benefits of Zest Outdoor Team Building Events

Whether you’re hunting for clues to find your “kidnapped” leader or your team is matching wits in the trivia challenge, Zest creates fun outdoor team building events.

These fun outdoor team building events will help to:
• Motivate your group
• Build team dynamics
• Enhance teamwork
• Develop effective communication skills
• Build leadership
• Have fun!

An outdoor team building event may be the ideal way to build your team and at the same time lower their stress level. An action packed team building event will be a fun experience that your team will be talking about for years to come.

Geo Trex 1

Contact Us to Plan Your Outdoor Team Building Event!

Contact Zest Corporate Adventures to start planning your outdoor team building activity. We can help your corporate, professional or private group to achieve the most out of its team building event while having a lot of fun.

Our team building experts can help answer your questions about team building, its benefits and outdoor team building activity options.