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The Search for Lost Treasure

At the start of the team building activity the group is shown a video that has been located of an old prospector recounting the tale of the loss of his treasure. The group is instructed that their assistance is required to locate and retrieve the treasure and that they booty will be split with them in return for their assistance. The group is instructed that initially the groups will be sent out on a recognisance mission they are not to touch anything that they find but only to take pictures and notes of what they find. Upon their return at lunch they are to share their information with the group. For the afternoon the groups are then switched so that the participants can experience a different adventure in the afternoon than what they did in the morning. The different methods of transportations may include horse, mountain bike, ATV, foot, canoe ect.

Logistics – The Hunt for Lost Treasure Outdoor Team Building Event:

This is a Full day Adventure. The ideal group size for this team building activity would be between 20 and 60 participants. This activity requires a venue with access to a wide variety of outdoor space. An area that would allow access to hiking trails horses and mountain bike trails would be ideal. This The Hunt for Lost Treasure is a very active activity and the groups should be prepared to spend the day outside. There is no indoor alternative to this team building activity so rain or shine this activity will go in the great outdoors. If there is a small number of participants that wish to not be as physically active there is the option to have a home base team.

Agenda – outdoor team building activity:

Introduction (30 minutes): staff and Zest is introduced to the client and initial paperwork completed – Making sure the facilitation staff is aware of any medical conditions is highly important in this team building activity.
Recognisance Journey (2 ½ Hours): The teams set out on their journey to find the lost treasure. They locate the booby trap, document the challenge and return to home base.
Lunch (1 hour): Over lunch each team will present the information on the challenge they found and the equipment needed to solve the challenge. Participants will then switch teams and set out on a different journey in the afternoon.
Retrieval (3 Hours): The new teams will set out on their new teambuilding adventure armed with the information the other groups have shared with them and any equipment they might need to solve the challenge. The groups will solve the initiative and bring back the treasure
Wrap up ( ½ hour): Groups outline their teambuilding adventure and how they solved the challenge to the other teams. The treasure is released and the teams celebrate their success.
Cost: Each Zest team building event is customized to your group size
and needs, however pricing usually starts at a minimum of $3,000.

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