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Raft Build

This event is designed for teams that want an intensive experience in team development, leadership and collaboration while in an interactive and enjoyable outdoor setting.

Agenda – The Raft Build

The Group is divided into smaller project teams which will participate in a series of warm up activities in which they will be evaluated according to success and teamwork. They will be awarded performance tokens which they will then use to purchase materials in the second phase of the event.

The second phase will begin with the “buy” in which representatives of each team will be able to use their accrued performance tokens to purchase the raw materials they think they will need to build a water worthy structure capable of keeping the entire team afloat while crossing a designated watercourse.

The Pitch: As part of the competition each team will present their finished craft to a panel of selected judges. In the presentation, teams will convey how collaboration has contributed to the success of the design and why this is the best vessel to take the organization forward in all types of sailing conditions on the seas of business.

The Sail Past: Teams must take to the water and actually demonstrate how well their craft has met their claims while navigating around a course on water. Scoring will be done according to the ability to maneuver the craft, its observed stability, and how wet participants end up.

Logistics – The Raft Build

Note: All participants must wear approved life vests while on the water and facilitators will have throw bags, rings and reaching devices present. Rafts will not be more than 15 feet from shore at any time during the exercise.

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Raft Building

Raft Building

Raft Building

Raft Building

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