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Team Canvas

Do you have a creative and high-performing team on your hands? Reward them and continue to develop their interpersonal communication skills by inviting them to partake in Zest’s Art Team Building Workshop – Team Canvas. Facilitated by professional artists, your team will learn the basics of painting with acrylic paints to create a work of art that team members will be proud to hang on the office wall. This art team building activity promises to create a unique bonding experience that your staff will remember for years to come.

Logistics – Team Canvas Art Workshop

The team canvas event is an extremely flexible program. By increasing the number of canvasses used we can accommodate any number of participants. If you are looking for an artistic and creative team building exercise to include family, this is a good event to include children. This program can be delivered indoors or outdoors in any space that is large enough to accommodate the painting canvases required.

Agenda – Team Canvas Art Workshop

Introduction: (30 minutes) The facilitators will introduce the themes and inspiration for the art project as well as talk about different acrylic painting and colour techniques.

Planning and Design: (30 minutes) The group will then be given time to plan their painting. They must decide how they will incorporate the themes and painting techniques that were previously discussed.

Art Team Building Activity: (1 hour) The group will be given an hour in which to bring their creative vision to life on canvas. The time allocated to this activity can be increased depending on the group size and the number of individual paintings involved.

Wrap-Up: (30 minutes) The group will take time to interpret each other’s works of art and explain the significance that each painting has for their team and their workplace.

So, if you are looking to break the ice with a new team or continue to develop and inspire a team that has already been working together for some time, then contact Zest and talk to one of our team building specialists about our Team Canvas art team building activity!

Team Canvas

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Team Canvas Team Building Event

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