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Soapbox Grand Prix

Participants are divided into groups of 5 to 10. Each Team is assigned a kart chassis which they must complete including assembling the wheels and steering axle and mechanism. What teams quickly find out is that they each have only one tool to attempt the assembly and it soon becomes apparent that they must collaborate with the competition in order to get their racer built.

Teams must also decorate the driver’s racing suit, the kart and a racing flag. Along the way the team must also come up with a 3 minute presentation on why their vehicle is the best vehicle to take the organization forward into the future.

Once the presentations and judging are completed, teams will line up for the “time trial”, consisting of a quick dash around a marked course, to their selected driving them song and with team mates pushing the driver to the finish. The score of the time trial combined with the judges’ decision on the presentation will provide the final calculation for the winning team.

Logistics – Soap Box Grand Prix:

This teambuilding activity will take 2 to 3 hours to complete and can easily be combined with other activity options to create a full day event. This event is ideal for group sizes from 15 people up to larger conference groups of over 100. It is great for groups that want to involve healthy competition and creativity in their event. The Soap Box Grand Prix team-building activity is versatile enough that it can be done indoors or outdoors with large ballrooms or tennis courts providing suitable settings.

Agenda – team building activity:

Introduction (20 Minutes): introduction to the client and initial rollout completed with the assignment of teams, roles and responsibilities
Building, Planning, Design (75 Minutes): Participants are given time to assemble and decorate the kart along with the driver’s racing suit and the racing coat of arms. Teams will also simultaneously work on their presentations for the judges.
Presentations (30 Minutes): Teams use their 3 minutes to present their vehicle and team as the best the organization has to offer (opportunity to weave the theme and or content of the conference into the presentations).
Demonstrations (time dependant on group size): Each team must now back up their promises on the track in the form of a time trial with their kart and driver. Once all competition is complete and the winner declared, the group has an opportunity to take on the facilitators for the title of Grand Prix Champion.
Cost: Each Zest team building event is customized to your group size
and needs, however pricing usually starts at a minimum of $3,000.

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Soapbox Grand Prix

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As this was the first event of this nature that our team was involved in, I would have to say that it was an incredible success. I have received numerous comments from our valued leaders, commenting on how this teambuilding exercise brought many different departments together and re-enforced the common focus on excellence and peak performance…not to mention it was a whole lot of fun!

Daniel Bibby
Director of Operations
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise