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Search Rescue Challenge

Logistics – Search and Rescue

This is an extremely intense team building experience which will bring out the best in each team member as they combine their skills and expertise to successfully rise to the challenge of responding to a simulated emergency. This team building activity will require your staff to exercise their communication and collaborative skills in order to effectively respond to the emergency. An excellent exercise to develop trust among team members and encourage more collaboration between high performing teams, this team building activity will re-energize and impact your team in a very real way.  Best delivered over one full day, and for teams of 30 or more, the simulation emphasizes the total integration of individual and team responsibilities to generate a successful outcome.

Agenda – Search and Rescue

Introduction and training: (3 hours) The team building activity will begin by the group receiving a short briefing and then be divided into a number of specialization teams (command and control, navigation, first aid, transport) and receive their individual instruction on their area of expertise. Next the teams will arrive at the fire training centre where they will be met by the Zest facilitation staff and a fire school representative. The staff will explain the events for the day and go over the safety equipment that will be used.


The “Call”: Immediately following lunch a call will come over the intercom stating that there have been at least two accidents in the immediate area and that the victims need to be found, treated and evacuated as quickly as possible. Search teams are formed which include several members from each specialized skill team and teams are coordinated by the command and control team as they set out to locate and the treat victims.

The Retrieval: Teams search, locate, assess, treat and transport the victims back to a predetermined site for delivery to the nearest medical facility (sometimes via helicopter).

Wrap Up: The group will be lead through a debriefing process that will talk about the initiatives and the skills required to be successful.

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Search Rescue

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Search Rescue

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