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The Pirate Ransom

The participants are met by a group of pirates that have kidnapped their leader and are holding him/her for ransom. The group is tasked with collecting enough gold to free their leader. The group will have to follow their map and locate the challenges. When the correctly solve a challenge they will be rewarded with gold pieces. Once they have participated in all of the challenged they will return to the pirates den and turn over their gold for the return of their leader.

Logistics – Pirate Ransom Team-Building Event:

Pirate Ransom is a highly flexible team-building event and can go from and evening even for a couple of hours to a full day team building adventure. This activity can be delivered to groups anywhere in size from 25 to 300. Pirate Ransom teambuilding activity can be run inside or outside.

Agenda – Pirate Ransom Teambuilding Event:

Introduction (30 minutes): staff and Zest is introduced to the client and initial paperwork completed
Team Building Activity (time frame dependant on time allotted): The participants et out to collect enough Gold to rescue their leader
Wrap up ( ½ hour): The group returns to the pirate den and hands over their gold as ransom for their leader. The gold is weighed and if successful their leader is released to them and the celebration begins.
Cost: Each Zest team building event is customized to your group size
and needs, however pricing usually starts at a minimum of $3,000.

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“When the General Manager was taken hostage by these pirates, I knew the
evening would be one to remember.
Thanks for a great evening!”