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Max Hockey Pro Star Challenge

The Max Pro Star Challenge creates the perfect opportunity for participants to work with former NHL players in both an on and off ice learning what it takes to become a high performance team. The session is lead by former NHL All-star and team captain, Morris Lukowich. Morris’ ability to transfer the essence of on-ice skills to the workplace creates the opportunity for solid session takeaways coupled with a great experience.

Participants will learn:

  • The Value of Leadership
  • How Perseverance is the key to overcoming obstacles and building momentum
  • The Significance of Diversity to a Team (Skills, Knowledge, Experience)
  • How Innovation and Creativity in the Moment can be a catalyst for Success.
  • The value of Recognition and Celebration in the workplace

Agenda – Max Hockey Pro Star Challenge:

  • Introduction to facilitators, format and expected outcomes (15 Minutes)
  • Warm Ups and Initial Community Building (30 Minutes)
  • Leadership Workshop (30 Minutes)
  • On Ice Session #1 (50 Minutes)
  • Scrimmage/Shootout (25 Minutes)
  • Debrief and Closing Keynote (Over Lunch)

Logistics – Max Hockey Pro Star Challenge:

Participants need to bring full equipment dress.

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Max Hockey Pro Star Challenge

Max Hockey Pro Star Challenge

Max Hockey Pro Star Challenge

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