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Teams of 4 or more are created in this GPS adventure. After a quick workshop on using the handheld GPS device, teams punch in their first waypoint coordinates and proceed along their routing to find the correct location. At the location teams will either have to gather the appropriate evidence of their presence or must engage in a challenge of a physical nature. The degree of success in navigation and succeeding at these challenges will dictate the amount of performance tokens each team will earn either along the way or when they check in at the finish line.

As this team building event is scalable, the routings and team building activity challenges can be long or short depending on the timing and terrain.

Phase two of the team building event begins when each team learns that they must cash in their performance tokens for resources that are needed in the next part of the event which is a large team problem solving challenge that will consist of designing, constructing and assembling various working components to a 3-D model. The key here being that each team must build their part of the model to fit with other teams’ parts. The result being a large scale success based upon the connected workings of each individual team.

Logistics – Geotrexx Team Building Event:

Geotrexx team building activity can range in duration from 4 hours to a full day depending on location and budget. This team building event is ideal for group sizes from 8 people up to larger conference groups of over 100. It can be delivered within a resort setting or spanning the boundaries of a community or city. There are many opportunities to incorporate many different local team building activities and features into the event as well as corporate themes and content.

Sample Agenda – Geotrexx team building adventure

Introduction (20 Minutes): introduction and orientation on team building activity guidelines and GPS navigation workshop.
Travel (2 hours): Individual teams set off on their routings using the GPS technology to help them arrive correctly at each waypoint along the route. At certain waypoints they will have a team focused challenge or task to overcome and will receive performance tokens from attending facilitators based on their results.
Check In & Break (20 Minutes): Teams will race to place on the mat.
Phase #2: Each team will convert their performance tokens for resources with which to design and build their portion of the 3-D working model. Eventually all teams must come together, share information and collaborate in order to succeed.
Celebration: (30 Minutes): A final debrief and discussion can be facilitated as the model begins to work. Other various awards can also be distributed (most innovative, most team spirit).
Cost: Each Zest team building event is customized to your group size
and needs, however pricing usually starts at a minimum of $3,000.

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“The Geo Trex event was a blast! It really made our team think, while the outdoor element was refreshing and fun.”